Dongguan Zhonggelu Leather Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Houjie Town known as “the Base of the World Shoe Industry”, Dongguan City. The company is a professional PU synthetic leather enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sale. It has self-run import & export rights approved by State Committee of Economic Trade for Foreign Countries. The company is mainly engaged in operation of the high-grade PU synthetic leather and high-end leather products widely applied to shoe materials, bags, leather belts, furniture, garments, auto interior materials, etc.

Due to business expansion, companies are growing, warm welcome interested in the leather industry to join the elite of high-quality and comprehensive nature of requirements are as follows:
1. There is a certain cultural level;
2. thinking clear logic;
3. ability and self-reflection high expectations;
4. Perform the ability, with the right attitude and practical concept;
5. have a healthy body and simple virtues of thrift;
6. not to work and looking for work, but rather to create a cause to join!
Important notice:
The post office is a company focused on the development of space, salary advantage, promoted the advantages
Interested parties may send your resume directly, but also can send your "name + job" to the phone, we will be the first time to contact you. job description:
1, for the provision of professional services Alibaba customers, sales transaction integrity treasure.
2, according to the company plans to complete the team and individual sales targets.
3, through the network, tap the line to develop new customers, follow-up, transformation, guidance to help customers complete the online product promotion.
4, maintaining regional customers to gather customer needs, comments, suggestions, feedback to the company to facilitate companies to optimize customer service.
5. Promotion line: Account Manager - Senior Account Manager - Senior Account Manager - Sales Manager - Sales Director --- the total.
Job Requirements
1, college education, recognition of the Internet industry, aiming at the development of the Internet industry (outstanding college can also be considered).
2, there is a certain experience in sales, we did buy, direct marketing, sales integrity, Taobao to consider other services experience preferred.
4, with good communication skills, have a good ability to learn.
5, integrity, strong execution, endurance, caring, teamwork

1, the fixed basic salary + commission + positive after the purchase of social security (salary without performance evaluation, the average monthly salary is about 5,000 yuan monthly salary of over a million outstanding staff) 2, enough space for promotion, where those who can afford to pursue, under the weak.
3. The Company House, such as the ability to improve employees' career planning "," success there must be ways "and" sales process "and other internal staff training. House scheduled quarterly.
4, the company organizes regular team activities. Getting There: By bus go straight to the new base junction create a new base station 100 m